Friday, February 7, 2014


Inside: Tuna • Outside: seaweed 

Inside: Salmon and avocado • Outside: Rice and sesame seeds

    Inside: Hamachi, gobo, cucumber • Outside: Masago and green onion
    Inside: tamago, kanpyo, masago, cucumber and gobo • Outside: seaweed
 Inside: cucumber and red sesame seeds • Outside: seaweed

Avocado Maki
Inside: Avocado • Outside: Rice and sesame seeds

California Roll
    Inside: cucumber, avocado and crab • Outside: rice and sesame seeds
Veggie Roll
    Inside: cucumber, avocado and gobo • Outside: rice and sesame seeds

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


(Served with rice and soup)

Sashimi Saladraw fish
Grover Beachfresh lettuce
  w/tofu (fried or fresh)    add 1
Pismo Beachpan broiled scallops 
Shell Beachpan broiled shrimp
Arroyo Grandediced chicken teriyaki
Oceanofresh tuna or salmon w/avocado

NipomoBeef short ribs, tobico, fuji apples, daikon radish 
and sprouts, sesame oil and furikake seasoning

Salads are served with special Umi Dressing


(Served with salad, rice and soup)

Beef Teriyaki
Bulgogi style beef with broccoli, onions, carrots and asparagus

Beef Rib Teriyaki

(Kalbi) Young’s famous boneless Korean short ribs  

Chicken Teriyaki
    Pan-fried chicken with teriyaki sauce, broccoli, onions and carrots

Cutlet (Chicken/Pork/Fish)
    Panko encrusted, deep fried choice of meat with tonkatsu sauce

Fish Teriyaki (Salmon/Ono/Snapper)
    Choice of grilled fish with an assortment of stir-fried vegetables
    with teriyaki sauce

Popcorn Chicken Teriyaki
    Tempura battered deep-fried chicken then pan fried with teriyaki sauce,
    carrots, onions and broccoli

Pork Teriyaki
    Pan-fried pork with teriyaki sauce, broccoli, onions and carrots

Shrimp Teriyaki
    Pan-fried shrimp with large assortment of vegetables and teriyaki sauce

Scallop Teriyaki
    Pan-fried scallop with large assortment of vegetables and teriyaki sauce

    Tempura battered shrimp (2) and vegetables that are deep-fried

    Add 2 more shrimp add $3
Tofu Teriyaki 
    Curry seasoned tofu slightly deep fried then pan fried with teriyaki sauce, 

snap peas, onions, carrots and broccoli
Vegetable Teriyaki
    Large assortment of vegetables pan-fried with teriyaki sauce

Saba Shoiyaki
    Grilled fish with ponzu sauce and lemon juice served on a bed of daikon radish

Unagi Kabayaki
    Baked Eel served on a hot plate with a side of seaweed, wasabi
    and daikon sprouts


Umi Udon
    Thick wheat flour noodle with an assortment of vegetables and crab
    in a hot mildly flavored broth
Tempura Udon
    Udon with a side plate of tempura consisting of an assortment of
    vegetables and shrimp


Agadashi Tofu
    Fried tofu seasoned with curry topped with sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce
    and green onions
Fresh Tofu
    Fresh sliced tofu with seaweed salad, ponzu sauce and furikake seasoning

Edamame Steamed soybeans

Fish Kama
    Yellowtail or salmon collar grilled with ponzu sauce and lemon juice

Soft Shell Crab
    Canadian Blue soft shell crab deep-fried with tempura batter 

with a side of Unagi sauce
Squid Salad
    Lightly grilled squid with cucumbers, sesame oil, furikake seasoning and
    Young’s chili paste

Seaweed Salad 

Shredded seasoned seaweed  
Side Salad
    Fresh greens from Farmer’s Market with carrots, onions, sunflower sprouts,
    cherry tomato, pineapple andYoung’s Miso Dressing


Fermented spicy cabbage 

Fermented soybean soup with green onions

Premium medium grain 
Brown Rice

Wild, black with an assortment of beans

Six pork or vegetable fried pot stickers 
Green Mussels
    Four pan-fried mussels with spicy miso sauce, lemon juice, onions and mushrooms
    Topped with and radish sprouts then torched

Oysters on the ½ Shell
    Two large oysters with hot sauce, lemon juice and green onions

Oyster Shooter
    Two small oysters with a splash of sake, ponzu sauce, lemon juice, tobico,
    quail egg and green onions

Scallop Dynamite
    Pan-fried scallops, surf clam, tobico, onions and mushrooms cooked with spicy
    miso dressing on a bed of rice topped with a sesame seeds, a quail egg and sprouts

Slow Your Roll
    Two crispy egg rolls filled with shrimp, tomato and avocado with a cilantro
    and serrano chili sauce

    Chicken or seafood (scallops and shrimp) with assortment of vegetables grilled
    kebab style then topped with teriyaki sauce, green onions and sesame seeds


Sashimi Appetizers
    Six pieces of raw yellowtail, tuna or salmon

Tempura Appetizer
    Two pieces of shrimp and an assortment of vegetables
    Assortment of different seafood 

Umi Spring Rolls
    Mixture of langostino 
     Tobico cilantro, daikon sprouts, daikon radish, avocado, cucumber and spicy
      miso sauce wrapped in fresh rice wrap topped with chili oil


 Young’s Korean short ribs
      with fresh green, cilantro, daikon radish, gobo, cucumber
      and daikon sprouts topped with berry sauce

Family Dinner (for 2 to 4)

(Served with Miso, Salad and Mochi )

10 pcs. Sashimi, 10 pcs. Sushi (Chef’s choice),
Gyoza, Tempura, California and Caterpillar rolls


(2 pieces per order)

Ama Ebi
Hokki Gai
Hotate Gai
Baby Miru Gai


(Served with salad and Miso soup)

Large Sashimi Platter (25 pieces)

Assortment of fish sliced into thin pieces. 

 Small Sashimi Platter (15 pieces)
Assortment of fish sliced into thin pieces. 

 Ten Piece Sushi    2310 different fish served nigiri style. 
Ten Piece Sashimi
    The choice of three different fish prepared sashimi style.
    Tuna, Salmon, Yellow Tail

Ten Piece Tataki Sashimi
(Tuna, Albacore or Ono)
    The choice of three different fish seared very briefly and seasoned with pepper
    served thinly sliced and topped with ponzu sauce and chili oil.


    Inside: Unagi, cucumber, crab and gobo • Outside: Avocado and unagi sauce
Cherry Blossom
Inside: Salmon and avocado • Outside: Tuna and avocado

Coho Loco
    Inside: Salmon, cucumber, avocado
    Outside: Salmon, serrano slices with a dot of chili sauce
Crazy Horse
    Inside: Tuna, hamachi, salmon and avocado • Outside: Tobico

Crunch & Munch
Inside: Tempura shrimp, unagi and cucumber•Outside: Spicy tuna, tempura crumb

Diablo Canyon
    Inside: Spicy tuna and cucumber
    Outside: Hamachi and serrano slices with a dot of chili sauce

    Inside: Deep-fried spicy tuna • Outside: Udon sauce and sunflower sprouts
Fiji Roll
    Inside: Shrimp tempura • Outside: Shrimp, tempura crumbs and a triple berry sauce
    Inside: No rice, spicy tuna, jalapeno, avocado and cream cheese
    Outside: Soy paper wrapped then deep-fried

Five City
    Inside: No rice, chef’s choice of 3-4 fish • Outside: Wrapped in cucumber
French Kiss
    Inside: Spicy tuna and cream cheese • Outside: Deep-fried with a spicy miso dressing
    Inside: Ono, tobico, jalapeno and cream cheese
Outside: Deep-fried with a spicy miso dressing
    Inside: Tuna, salmon, hamachi and avocado • Outside: Deep-fried with unagi sauce
Los Osos
    Inside: Salmon and cream cheese • Outside: Salmon and thin slices of lemon
Morro Bay
    Inside: Hamachi, crab and green onion • Outside: Deep-fried with udon sauce
No Name #1
    Inside: California Roll
Outside: Salmon and unagi baked with tempura crumbs,
    topped with unagi sauce and three different types of tobico

No Name #2 
    Inside: Salmon, cucumber and avocado
    Outside: Cream cheese, tempura crumbs, tobico and triple berry sauce

No Name #3
    Inside: Spicy tuna
, avocado and cucumber
    Outside: Tuna tataki, chili oil and roasted garlic chips

No Name #4
    Inside: Spicy tuna and cucumber
    Outside: Soy wrap, spicy scallop, tobico, cilantro and spicy miso sauce

Palm Spring
    Inside: Shrimp tempura, cucumber
, avocado and gobo
    Outside: Tempura crumbs and unagi sauce

    Inside: California roll • Outside: Assortment of 7 different fish and avocado
Rock N Roll
    Inside: Shrimp tempura, crab, gobo and cucumber • Outside: Unagi and unagi sauce

Salmon & Garfunkl Roll
Tempura salmon, asparagus, enoki mushroom, tobico and capers in a light lemon sauce

Salmon Skin Roll
    Inside: Baked salmon and salmon skin, cucumber and gobo
    Outside: Soy wrapped and topped with unagi sauce

San Luis Obispo
    Inside: Tuna, avocado and cucumber • Outside: Avocado and miso dressing
Santa Barbara
    Inside: Deep-fried soft shell crab and unagi•Outside: Thin layer of egg with unagi sauce
    Inside: Deep-fried soft shell crab, cucumber
, avocado and gobo
    Outside: Tobico and unagi sauce

Spicy Scallop
Inside: California roll
    Outside: Spicy scallop, cilantro, tobico and spicy miso sauce

Spicy Tuna
    Inside: Spicy tuna, cilantro, gobo and cucumber • Outside: Tobico
    Inside: Chicken or beef short ribs cut thinly and cucumber
    Outside: Triple berry sauce

    Inside: Unagi, shiso leaf, cucumber, gobo and tobico • Outside: Unagi sauce
    Inside: California roll
    Outside: Baked smoked or regular salmon, spicy miso sauce, capers and tobico


  green tea, red bean, mango, strawberry,
  coffee, vanilla and chocolate

Tempura Ice Cream 
  Deep fried vanilla ice cream finished
  with Young’s Berry Sauce

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