Monday, August 1, 2016


Regular or spicy garlic  $7

Agadashi Tofu
    Fried tofu seasoned with curry topped with sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce
    and green onions
Fresh Tofu
    Fresh sliced tofu with seaweed salad, ponzu sauce and furikake seasoning
Fish Kama
    Yellowtail or salmon collar grilled with ponzu sauce and lemon juice  $15

Soft Shell Crab
    Canadian Blue soft shell crab deep-fried with tempura batter 

with a side of unagi sauce  $15

Squid Salad
    Lightly grilled squid with cucumbers, sesame oil, 

furikake seasoning and Young’s chili paste  $15
Seaweed Salad 

Shredded seasoned seaweed  $7
Side Salad
    Fresh greens from Farmer’s Market with carrots, onions, sunflower sprouts,
    cherry tomato, pineapple and Young’s Miso Dressing

Fermented spicy cabbage  $2

Fermented soybean soup with green onions  $2
With clams  $6

Premium medium grain   $1
Brown Rice

Wild, black with an assortment of beans  $2

Six pork or vegetable fried pot stickers  $7

Green Mussels
    Four pan-fried mussels with spicy miso sauce, lemon juice, onions and mushrooms
    Topped with and radish sprouts then torched
Oysters on the ½ Shell
    Two large oysters with hot sauce, lemon juice and green onions
Seasonal  MP
Oyster Shooter
    Two small oysters with a splash of sake, ponzu sauce, lemon juice, tobico,
    quail egg and green onions
Scallop Dynamite
    Pan-fried scallops, surf clam, tobico, onions and mushrooms cooked with spicy
    miso dressing on a bed of rice topped with a sesame seeds, a quail egg and sprouts

 Slow Your Roll
    Two crispy egg rolls filled with shrimp, tomato and avocado with a cilantro
    and serrano chili sauce
    Chicken or seafood (scallops and shrimp) with assortment of vegetables grilled
    kebab style then topped with teriyaki sauce, green onions and sesame seeds

    Chicken  $15

Sashimi Appetizers
    Six pieces of raw yellowtail, tuna or salmon  $16
Tempura Appetizer
    Two pieces of shrimp and an assortment of vegetables  $12
    Assortment of different seafood 
Umi Spring Rolls
    Mixture of langostino 
     Tobico cilantro, daikon sprouts, daikon radish, avocado, cucumber and spicy
      miso sauce wrapped in fresh rice wrap topped with chili oil

 Young’s Korean short ribs
      with fresh green, cilantro, daikon radish, gobo, cucumber
      and daikon sprouts topped with berry sauce

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