Wednesday, May 4, 2016


(Served with rice and soup)

Sashimi Saladraw fish  $17
Grover Beachfresh lettuce  $12
  w/tofu (fried or fresh)   add $1
Pismo Beachpan broiled scallops  $20
Shell Beachpan broiled shrimp  $18
Arroyo Grandediced chicken teriyaki  $16
Oceanofresh tuna or salmon w/avocado  
NipomoBeef short ribs, tobico, fuji apples, daikon radish $20
and sprouts, sesame oil and furikake seasoning
Avila Beach – Spicy tuna, salmon skin, fuji apples, daikon raddish  $18

Salads are served with special Umi Dressing

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