Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Blazing Scallops
Baked bay scallops, langoustine and tobico

Blazing Scallops
    Baked bay scallops, langoustine and tobico  $16

    Inside: Unagi, cucumber, crab and gobo • Outside: Avocado and unagi sauce  $16
Cherry Blossom
Inside: Salmon and avocado • Outside: Tuna and avocado  $16

Coho Loco
    Inside: Salmon, cucumber, avocado
    Outside: Salmon, serrano slices with a dot of chili sauce
Crazy Horse
    Inside: Tuna, hamachi, salmon and avocado • Outside: Tobico

Crispy Spicy Tuna
    Spicy tuna topped with jalapeño slices, green onion and unagi sauce 

over a crispy bed of rice  $10

Crunch & Munch
Inside: Tempura shrimp, unagi and cucumber•Outside: Spicy tuna, tempura crumb 

Deluxe Cali
Inside: California Roll • Outside: Unagi sauce and unagi 
Diablo Canyon
    Inside: Spicy tuna and cucumber
    Outside: Hamachi and serrano slices with a dot of chili sauce

Fiji Roll
    Inside: Shrimp tempura • Outside: Shrimp, tempura crumbs and a triple berry sauce  $15
    Inside: No rice, spicy tuna, jalapeno, avocado and cream cheese
    Outside: Soy paper wrapped then deep-fried
Five City
    Inside: No rice, chef’s choice of 3-4 fish • Outside: Wrapped in cucumber  $15
French Kiss
    Inside: Spicy tuna and cream cheese • Outside: Deep-fried with a spicy miso dressing $13
Golden Cali
Deep fried California Roll

    Inside: Ono, tobico, jalapeno and cream cheese
Outside: Deep-fried with a spicy miso dressing  $14

Jammin Salmon
    Inside: Panko covered salmon and avocado
    Outside: Panko covered langoustine, spicy mayo, unagi sauce

 and green garlic sauce  $18
    Inside: Tuna, salmon, hamachi and avocado • Outside: Deep-fried with unagi sauce  $15
Los Osos
    Inside: Salmon and cream cheese • Outside: Salmon and thin slices of lemon  $17
Morro Bay
    Inside: Hamachi, crab and green onion • Outside: Deep-fried with udon sauce  $15
No Name #1
    Inside: California Roll
Outside: Salmon and unagi baked with tempura crumbs,
    topped with unagi sauce and three different types of 
tobacco  $17

No Name #2 
    Inside: Salmon, cucumber and avocado
    Outside: Cream cheese, tempura crumbs, tobico and triple berry sauce
No Name #3
    Inside: Spicy tuna
, avocado and cucumber
    Outside: Tuna tataki, chili oil and roasted garlic chips
No Name #4
    Inside: Spicy tuna and cucumber
    Outside: Soy wrap, spicy scallop, tobico, cilantro and spicy miso sauce
Palm Spring
    Inside: Shrimp tempura, cucumber
, avocado and gobo
    Outside: Tempura crumbs and unagi sauce
    Inside: California roll • Outside: Assortment of 7 different fish and avocado  $16
Rock N Roll
    Inside: Shrimp tempura, crab, gobo and cucumber • Outside: Unagi and unagi sauce

Salmon & Garfunkl Roll
Tempura salmon, asparagus, enoki mushroom, 

tobico and capers in a light lemon sauce   $15
Salmon Skin Roll
    Inside: Baked salmon and salmon skin, cucumber and gobo
    Outside: Soy wrapped and topped with unagi sauce
San Luis Obispo
    Inside: Tuna, avocado and cucumber • Outside: Avocado and miso dressing  $14
Santa Barbara
    Inside: Deep-fried soft shell crab and 
Outside: Thin layer of egg with unagi sauce  $18
    Inside: Deep-fried soft shell crab, cucumber
, avocado and gobo
    Outside: Tobico and unagi sauce
Spicy Scallop
Inside: California roll
    Outside: Spicy scallop, cilantro, tobico and spicy miso sauce

    Inside: California roll
    Outside: Baked smoked or regular salmon, spicy miso sauce, capers and tobico

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